What’s an Inside Guy?

Some entrepreneurs seem to succeed without any help.  Richard Branson appears to be flying airplanes, pressing CDs, and opening resorts completely single-handedly.

I assure you he is not.

Every great entrepreneur has what I call “an inside guy”.  That “inside guy” is the keeper of focus, of sanity, of direction.  When the entrepreneur is veering wildly off-course, it’s the inside guy that reminds him of the importance of focus and concentration.

And yes, when the entrepreneur is brilliantly creating the vision, it’s the inside guy that protects him from distraction, enables his creativity to blossom, and brings the vision to reality.

For dozens of highly successful entrepreneurs, I am that inside guy.

Now (through the magic of the Internet!)  I am available to be YOUR inside guy.  All it takes is a willingness to click “JOIN” and a commitment to check in with me once a week or so.  Become a member (it’s free) and send me a question, a problem, challenge, or idea.  Help me build this community into something ALL entrepreneurs need — a place for actionable ideas and tools that will transform your business (and change your life)…. all explained in simple language.

Why should you share your dreams (and fears) with me?  Because I can keep you focused on the real reasons you are in business — to change your life and build a better future.  I can show you where you’ve gotten off course and how to quickly set sail in a better direction.  I can be the sounding board for your new ideas, and I can connect you to the resources you’ll need to grow.

As SR Davies commented recently on a Villanova University blog VAUEE about entrepreneurship…

“…The history of entrepreneurship in America is rich with examples of individuals who began with a brilliant idea, only to fail in the long-run because they remained … individuals. As entrepreneurs, we are hard wired to pursue our ambitions despite constraints. Yet we may easily forget, as is made clear in “The Power of 2” by Wagner and Muller, that ‘in a world which emphasizes individual achievement – the successful CEO, the MVP, the star – everyone is descended from millions of people who survived simply because they did NOT go it alone’… Try to imagine Edmund Hillary without Tenzing Norgay. Michael Dell without Lee Walker. Hewlett without Packard. Edison without Tesla. Orville without Wilbur.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

So join me and leverage my experience to climb your own Everest, to make your own light bulb, to launch your own flying machine.

Let me help you the way I have helped hundreds of small companies.

Need more?  I don’t blame you.  Here’s five reasons you should click the JOIN button and get to know me…

  • Hired by the US Department of Energy, American Express OPEN, the Small Business Administration (SBA), the National Business Incubation Association (NBIA), VISA and other names you’ll know to find answers to tough small business problems
  • 4 time start-up entrepreneur and 4 times named a “FAST 50” winner for building one of the fastest growing companies in my region
  • 10 years headlining as a financial columnist for Entrepreneur magazine where I wrote the monthly column “Raising Money” and other business finance advice columns read by 3 million business owners each month
  • $12 million of early-stage venture capital raised in  for my clients… and counting
  • 186 business plans written for fast-moving entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and across the country
  • 35 years of being in business for myself — starting when I was too young to drive!

It’s been a great journey, and I look forward to my next challenge — helping you make the most of your company.

David Worrell

PS: Join now and I’ll send you a free report, “The Colors of Money” — 27 pages chock full of secret ways to raise the money you need to start and grow your business.


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